A quick note from the GM

Let me just offer you a quick apology if you are expecting this campaign to remain completely faithful to the published adventure. I have implemented some changes here and there and I will explain what/why shortly.

I just wanted to put some quick notes out there and my thoughts running this Pathfinder Adventure Path, for anyone who is actually interested in following this campaign.

This is the first time in my 25+ years of roleplaying that as a GM I have decided to use a ready-to-run campaign/adventure. I’m far more used to the “light planning/mostly improv” style of running an RPG.

I own several adventures, but I gnerally used them as reading/inspirational material.

For the first few sessions of this campaign my players were having a great time, but I was not. It just didn’t feel like the sort of game that I would run, I changed some encounters and dialogue here and there to put more of my own stamp upon it and began to enjoy myself a little more.

The campaign will still be very much in the spirit of the published adventure, just with my own touches added for personal comfort. If you’re still interested in watching the campaign, welcome aboard.

A quick note from the GM

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